About Us

Our company was made for a school project. Later we did an event for our town and we won! We made this project to combine a bunch of things together, including shinny, hockey, and extreme dog riding!

One year ago, Philip and Brett were coming home from hockey when they overheard Philip’s Dad talking about shinny.  Philip and Brett thought…”How cool if we could skate on our knees rather than just kneel...”

Their timing was perfect as Skokie Middle School was requesting entries for their first Career Day Invention presentation.
Philip and Brett called their best buddy Anthony to help make a prototype.  Anthony spent all evening in the basement dissecting his brothers roller blades, raiding the sports closet and his dad's tool shed.  That night the first prototype of ScootKnees™ was born.  

Every lunch period became a ScootKnees™ meeting.  The boys created a business plan, target audience, marketing strategies, production costs, and an infomercial—complete with Anthony being pulled on ScootKnees™ by Brett’s giant dog. 

The school presentation was a big success. After the assembly, Philip, Brett and Anthony were mobbed by kids asking when and where they could buy ScootKnees™. 

A couple of months later, the boys participated in the Winnetka Idea Tank for Kids and WON!  They are so excited to keep working on this new invention.  It’s been really fun for the boys to grow their idea  into reality!